Robina Squash Club Xmas Gathering 2017 The Club at Parkwood village .

Robina Squash Club End of Year Xmas gathering held at The Club at Parkwood Village .

Fun for all with our mini Putt Putt  and  Robina Squash Club Trivia competition.

IMG_0235      The Mob of Squashies

IMG_0251       Winners on the day

Wendy and Mike ( best scores )


Winner of the 1st hole in one Karen

     IMG_0245                                    IMG_0240

                                                                                              Winners of the Trivia ” Team MMM”

                                                                                                       Gaye , Michelle , Mike

Up and coming potential Squashies

IMG_0258           Future  Pres, Vice Pres , Secretary , Treasurer .  


Listen Up All…. these are  the Rules for the Trivia Competition

IMG_0179    IMG_0182

We are listening ………


Us  to …….             IMG_0186


Named our  team……. that’s 1 point        IMG_0190



They wont notice me checking out there answers





crunching the numbers




IMG_0183        and the winners are  ?


IMG_0164    IMG_0225  IMG_0168



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