Robina Squash Finals 4th Dec 2018

Robina Squash Finals 4th Dec 2018

Last ever club night .

The results for the last grand final for the Robina Squash Club was Team 4 (12 games) def Team 1 (6 games). Congrats Team 4 (yes, Phil’s team again!).


Teams 1 v Team 4

Team 1

  1. Mike Gravina (Captain/Manager)
  2. Jo Summers
  3. Robert Orr
  4. Andrew Baxter
  5. Dassen Naidoo
  6. Hayley Gravina
Team 4

  1. Phil Touliatos (Captain/Manager)
  2. Giles Bushe
  3. Maraia Chapman
  4. Steve Ayres
  5. Karen Chan
  6. Samual McCarthy


Vice _Treasure_Pres  Vice, Sec ,Pres.

Mike                              Mark                      Phil

xIMG_2160   Last game played between

Dassen and Karen

xIMG_1400  Some of Robina Squash Players

winners  Winning Team 4.

IMG_1406  Club Shirt   IMG_1405


rsc last night 2  rsc last night 1  rsc last night 3



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