X Robina Squash Club Reunion .Bowls Day

If I bowl with my left it goes left …right.
Sorry Tim my arm can only go this high Ill get you in the next photo
If I concentrate the bowl will levitate by itself.
Mum I didn’t know you are a lefty
Ok Ill bowl with my right hand it should turn right.
Ross said right hand to turn left ……its looking good.
The rest of the players look very serious .This one to win the end.
Stuff it .Two hands it will go straight.
Hey Nanna, I want a go
That leg is still playing up.
Hey What do you think about Bit Coin ?


They wont notice that Ill google how to play bowls
Winners are grinners
My tummy is hungry .I want a neck when I grow up.
What did Tim say .Keep eyes open or closed.
4 to2 up …on our way to 19
Google said the action of bowling is like surfing
Easy…. first bounce of bowl…. 8 metres up the green ….nailed it.
This looks easy don’t have to worry about drop shots
Look over there … where.
Collecting for my Birthday tomorrow . Hey notes are better everyone. Plenty of room in this cap for more.
Now eyes open ,right hand …….right turn of bowl
What else can I add. That’s right Left hand bowling it turns left.
Thanks Tim you champ.
After todays effort at bowls .Squash is easier.

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