Summer Competition Grand Final

Robina Squash Club summer competition grand final was played 25th March and it was a great set of matches. Once everyone had finished, Team 3 and Team 4 were even on matches, even on games games and it went to a count back on points. In the end Team 4 won the competition beating Team 3, 225 points versus 207 points – nothing in it!

Team 4: Left To Right - Peter Belding, Jo Carstens (front), Alistair Lattimore (back), Mike Gravina, Paul Kimlin
Team 4: Left To Right – Peter Belding, Jo Carstens (front), Alistair Lattimore (back), Mike Gravina, Paul Kimlin
Left to right: Grace Webber, Tim Brown, Jacob Saich (front), Phil Touliatos, Michelle Mclean
Left to right: Grace Webber, Tim Brown, Jacob Saich (front), Phil Touliatos, Michelle Mclean

The Autumn competition teams and draw are being worked on currently, we’re hoping to make five teams of five people. This will see the return of one team being on a bye each week – nice for everyone to have a break every little while. As soon as it’s complete, the draw will be distributed on our normal weekly email.

Robina Squash Courts Back In Action

After having the Bond University squash courts out of action and in maintenance between 13/8/2013 and 9/9/2013, as of Tuesday 10 September they are available once more for Robina Squash Club to use.

Bond University squash courts resurfaced - 9 September 2013

The floors have been resurfaced and repainted, they’ve now got a nice shine to them. Unfortunately the front walls were not able to be repaired at the same time, it is apparently a different group of contractors that repair the walls. As such, we’ll have to deal with the inconsistency of the couple warn patches on the front wall a little longer, it’ll keep everyone on their toes!

Nerang Squash Club Temporary Venue

Bond University are performing maintenance on both squash courts between 13/08/2013 to 9/09/2013 where they’ll be resurfacing the floors of both courts.

It wasn’t specified but I’m hopeful that the front wall of both courts will also be repaired at the same time as they are quite damaged, fingers crossed!

Nerang Squash Club are going to host our club for the four weeks the Robina squash courts are unavailable. Weekly rosters won’t change during this window, just the venue and we’ll send out the normal weekly email over this period outlining the playing roster as well.


Nerang Squash Courts
43 Station St
Nerang QLD 4211
(07) 5578 1888

The courts are located on the on the western side of the M1 motorway, which you can access via the Nerang-Broadbeach Road exit. Once you’re on the western side of the motorway, the squash courts themselves are located below Dominoes Pizza and you’ll find a stairwell directly in front of the pizza shop.

Hello world!

Robina Squash Club is joining the internet, hold onto your hats!

Given the prevalence of the internet today, it is clear that every business or quasi-business needs to have a home on the internet as it is ingrained into the lives of so many people, especially the habit of using a search engine such as Google to find information.

Without a properly functioning website in today’s day and age, businesses might as well be invisible to would be customers. This is highlighted clearly when Ed Parsons, a geospatial technologist from Google, stated at the end of 2012 that one in three Google queries have local intent – ie., people looking for information about things near where they are physically located.

Initial goals for the Robina Squash Club website is to act as an advertising platform for potential squash club members when they are searching in Google or Bing for a club to join on the Gold Coast but will hopefully be expanded out in the future.

Stay tuned for further updates.