Hello world!

Robina Squash Club is joining the internet, hold onto your hats!

Given the prevalence of the internet today, it is clear that every business or quasi-business needs to have a home on the internet as it is ingrained into the lives of so many people, especially the habit of using a search engine such as Google to find information.

Without a properly functioning website in today’s day and age, businesses might as well be invisible to would be customers. This is highlighted clearly when Ed Parsons, a geospatial technologist from Google, stated at the end of 2012 that one in three Google queries have local intent – ie., people looking for information about things near where they are physically located.

Initial goals for the Robina Squash Club website is to act as an advertising platform for potential squash club members when they are searching in Google or Bing for a club to join on the Gold Coast but will hopefully be expanded out in the future.

Stay tuned for further updates.

3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. WOW, this will bring some of our members into the 21 century.

    Scary…… could freak a few out.

    Well done Alistair.


  2. Thanks Phil.

    I think it’ll be great to see it gain some traction in the next few months. Hopefully it’ll help with membership numbers for the club and we can expand the number of teams back to what we want moving forward.

  3. Guys, well done on the website.

    I’m back in Australia now and availble to fill-in.

    Humm … Mark playing @ position #3

    That makes me a #4?

    Given that I haven’t played for over a year, #3 might be more then a stretch!

    If there is no position for me filling in, I’ll drop by for a social.



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