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Robina Squash Club is on the Move .

Sun newspaper 2018 nov 19th   Currently Playing  at Nerang Squash Club

Robina Squash Club after 28 years has closed down as a club .

The decision was made after Bond Uni policies changed their policies and no outside entities could use their facilities .

Formed in 1990 as Bond Uni Squash Club later changed their name to Robina Squash Club in 1993.

The closure of Highway Squash Club in 2004 saw some of those club members joining Robina Squash Club.

Last Club Night was Dec 4th 2018





Robina Squash Finals 4th Dec 2018

Robina Squash Finals 4th Dec 2018

Last ever club night .

The results for the last grand final for the Robina Squash Club was Team 4 (12 games) def Team 1 (6 games). Congrats Team 4 (yes, Phil’s team again!).


Teams 1 v Team 4

Team 1

  1. Mike Gravina (Captain/Manager)
  2. Jo Summers
  3. Robert Orr
  4. Andrew Baxter
  5. Dassen Naidoo
  6. Hayley Gravina
Team 4

  1. Phil Touliatos (Captain/Manager)
  2. Giles Bushe
  3. Maraia Chapman
  4. Steve Ayres
  5. Karen Chan
  6. Samual McCarthy


Vice _Treasure_Pres  Vice, Sec ,Pres.

Mike                              Mark                      Phil

xIMG_2160   Last game played between

Dassen and Karen

xIMG_1400  Some of Robina Squash Players

winners  Winning Team 4.

IMG_1406  Club Shirt   IMG_1405


rsc last night 2  rsc last night 1  rsc last night 3