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Robina Squash Club Social Golf Day 27th August 2017 Meadow Park Golf Club

Robina Squash Club ….A fun day for all at Meadow Park Golf Course .

Ambrose  golf day.

Group photo
Meet the Squashies


Denise tim Mel Haley
Denise Tim Haley Melinda








Mike nadine Giles
Giles Nadine Mike


Murray Julie Phil









Watch out Julie
Hope no one leap frogs me



Julie shot
Where’s Murray
Winners Tim Denise Haley
Yes winners are grinners …..Haley sell that bottle to mum for lots

Lunch        Lunch2


Winner of second shot on the green Haley ..Hole 4



Winners of the 2017 Summer-Autumn Comp

Winners of the 2017 Summer-Autumn Comp

The finals came down  to the last 2 games on the night .

Congratulations to Team 4 defeating Team 3……..  11 matches to 7 matches . 

         Team 4 v Team 3

  • “shoe-lace” Phil (-3) v Steve (+2)…….3/0
  • Kim  v “smokin” Joe…..2/1
  • Joseph H v Meraia (somebody won’t be talking to somebody after this one!)…2/1
  • “marathon man” Peter v Paula…3/0
  • Dassen (-3) v Julie (bribe him with your sausage rolls)….1/2
  • Kym*(+2) v Joseph S (-3)….0/3



Team 4 Winners and Preliminary Winners


IMG_8515Runners Up Team 3



Robina Squash Club Pre Xmas Tennis Gathering 4th Dec 2016

Robina Squash Club Pre Xmas Gathering

Great day for all .  Even Santa Came ….. sorry no photos .

Majority of us should stick to playing Squash

Merry Xmas to all you Squashies .

All the best for 2017 ……..



img_7031                            img_7026 img_7025 img_7024 img_7022  img_7020 img_7019 img_7018                                                 img_7017img_7021                img_7016 img_7015 img_7014 img_7057                                             img_7034 img_7036 img_7043 img_7050                     img_7051

Robina Squash Club Social Golf Day – Boomerang Park Golf Course Sept 2016


The Teams

img_6610 img_6607   img_6601img_6612img_6604 img_6613






Golf Day Ambrose explained …. anyone listening ?



Action Shots


img_6619 img_6615














img_6656                Golf Day Convenor


Winners are grinners –  Closest to the pin , longest drive and wining team














BBQ Lunch Superbly Cooked
















img_6668   img_6636img_6637img_6657          img_6650              img_6645 img_6642 img_6634          img_6597

2016 Winter draw Finals

Hi Squashies

Another close final last night . Down to the last match on the night where Sai had to win in 3 games for an out right win but fell short loosing 2 games to 1 .

Team 2 winning……..10 games    to    Team 4……..8 games

Results as follows

Team 2                            Team 4

Charl        2 games        Mike 1 game

Robert    0 games         Tim 3 games

Steven    2 games         Sai  1 game

Paula      1 game            David  2 games

Julie        3 games          Karen 0 game

Kym         2 games          Samual  1 game

    Congratulations Team 2                                    IMG_6302

IMG_6306   Team 4 runner up

team 2 and team 4   Combined teams


Grand Final & The Winner Is

Hi Squashies,

The grand final was closer than you think last night.

Team 2 (11 games) def Team 3 (7 games)

Team 2 won all 3 games that went to 15/16 points, if Team 3 won them, they would have won overall.

So much closer than it looks.

Congratulations to Team 2

  • Gyles
  • Scott
  • Mark
  • Grace
  • Mike
  • Sam
The Winners


Runners Up

Cheers Phil Touliatos